Friends enjoying the Outdoors
Goose Bay Camp, Lac Seul
Goose Bay Camp
Photos from Lac Seul

Picture This!

"Thanks so much for your hospitality during our recent stay. We've never had such good Walleye fishing in our lives! Happy Customers at Goose Bay Camp We did some rough figuring on the way home and decided that we must have boated between 2,500 and 3,000 fish during the week, with about 10% of them over 4 pounds. You were right on with your marks with fishing locations, routes, etc. All our expectations of your camp were not only met, but were exceeded. We're already looking forward to our return trip next year ... I'm enclosing a group photo of us that we thought you might enjoy ... Thanks again for your hospitality. We'll look forward to seeing you again next year." M. Gilbertson, Gilbertson Financial, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Cabin at Goose Bay Camp
Enjoy the comfort of the classy cabins available at Goose Bay Camps!
Looks like a great place to bring 'er in Captain! Aerial View of Goose Bay Camp
Best Friends It's true Ma, me an' Billy were just out fishing!
OK! Now was that 9 m/sec squared acceleration or E=mc squared? Aw shucks, that doesn't really matter right now. Fun for the Whole Family at Goose Bay Camp
Good Times at Goose Bay Camp I don't know dad, that really doesn't look like enough breakfast to me.
For a price, I'll let you know the secret to raising these in your flower garden! The Fishing in Fine
Peaceful Surroundings
Yyyaaaaawwwwnnnnn!!! T'was a mighty fine day, if ask me!
If my buddies ever find out that I forgot the combination to my dinner pail, I'll have to move a long way upstream! Otter Raid.

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Phone from the U.S.: 1-800-667-5208, also at
(807) 222-3313, or (807) 222-3070. Fax: (807) 222-3295.

Map Coordinates for Goose Bay Camp: N 50°35.891', W 93°10.186'
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